Say ‘Goodbye’ To Daytime Contact Lenses And Glasses And ‘Hello’ To Ortho-K

Freedom from being boxed in.
Ever wanted the freedom of vision without glasses or surgery. Scared of laser surgery? Wanted something reversible. Ortho-K might just be for you…

Ortho-K ( short for Orthokeratology) is a non-invasive form of vision correction. They are specially designed lenses that you wear at night while you sleep. At night, while you are sleeping, the lens will gently reshape your cornea. When you wake up, you can take off the lenses and have clear vision throughout the day without having the hassle of glasses or your contact lenses,

Ortho-K can be considered for people who’s short-sightedness ranges between -1.00~-4.50 dioptres, who experience discomfort from daily wear contact lenses or feel restricted wearing glasses. It is also a safe alternative to laser surgery which is a permanent procedure and with all surgical procedures, there is always a risk factor for unwanted side effects such as infections, inflammations, severe dry eyes or repeating procedures.

Benefit of Ortho-K include:

  • Free of both contact lenses and spectacles for all waking hours.
  • Freedom for swimmers/athletes, those who work in dusty or dirty environments, allergy sufferers who find soft contact lenses uncomfortable.
  • Slows down the progression of short-sightedness

Ortho-k lenses gently change the shape of the cornea through hydrostatic pressures in the tear film between the contact lens and the cornea. The central part of the cornea flattens as epithelial cells from the surface of the eye moves out peripherally. This flattening of the front most part of the cornea (the front 50µm of the cornea) consequently changes the refracting or focussing power of the eye hence clear vision. When the therapy is discontinued, the corneal cells return to their normal distribution within days.  As corneal re-shaping therapy is a non-permanent procedure, the integrity and structure of the cornea is not affected.

Is Ortho-K for children too? 

Yes! Ortho-K is a safe procedure if supervised by a parent and good hygiene is ensured. It is also an excellent option for children as Ortho-K has been shown to slow down the progression of short-sightedness. If your child has to change glasses every year, Ortho-K may be more economical with the added benefit of slowing down the progression of short-sightedness.