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Clear Choice Premium Plus 1 Day

These Are REALLY Comfortable Contact Lenses!

Are you a current contact lens wearer? If you are wearing contact lenses that feels scratchy and dry, maybe it’s time to try something new! Did you know that not all contact lens materials are the same? Just like you wouldn’t wear a cheap polyester shirt on a hot day, you probably shouldn’t wear the old hydrogel contact lenses either. If you are wearing FOCUS dailies, 1 Day ACUVUE, ACUVUE 2, DAILIES AQUACOMFORT, SOFLENS 1 DAY etc… these are all old technology lens materials that are older than a decade! You don’t use your phone from 10 years ago, why would you put old technology materials onto your eyes?

Clear Choice Premium Plus 1 Day Contact lenses are made of silicon hydrogel material that allows lots of oxygen through and is both healthy and comfortable for your eyes!

Are You Ready To Consider The Option Of Clarity Without The Clutter Of Glasses?

Clear Choice

Premium Plus 1 Day

These Are REALLY Comfortable Contact Lenses!

You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing lenses at all!


  • No cleaning required
  • No storing the contact lens overnight in a case
  • No requirement to purchase disinfecting solution
  • Wear them as often as little as you like
  • Perfect for travelling and for person who loves convenvience.

This innovative product boasts perfect tolerability and all-day comfort.

Clear Vision In All Conditions


Guarantees clear vision in all light conditions due to its front-surface aspheric design, the best optical properties on the market.


Healthiest option for optical correction because debris, proteins and other allergens have no time to form deposits on your contact lenses. An important property for people with pollen allergies.


Save time on cleaning and on buying solutions. Daily contacts is not so financially painful as with monthly contacts.

Why Choose Eyecare Plus?

At our Eyecare Plus practices, our optometrists care about your eyes. It’s our mission to make sure that you can see clearly and feel comfortable.

That’s why we pride ourselves with a wide range of services to help solve your vision problems which includes: dry eye management, children’s vision, contact lens prescriptions, digital eyestrain solutions, myopia control, ocular disease management like macula degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic maculopathy.

We have an extensive range of designer frames and sunglasses in stock! Our friendly staffs are always ready to help you choose the right frames to suit you and make sure that you look great! It’s our job to make sure that you get the best value for your frames and contact lenses, so we have a price match guarantee on all our products.

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