How to Choose Your Child Their New Pair of Glasses?

You have just found out your child needs glasses. It’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s a good thing that their vision problem was detected early.

There was a time when kids worried about wearing glasses and being teased. Nowadays kids love the fashion that comes with wearing glasses, and they are spoilt for choice as the designs are trendy and very colourful!

Greg Sexty has been our optical dispenser for many years, having worked at our stores and has years of experience helping choose and fit children’s spectacles—to the kids’ delight and the parents’ satisfaction.

Greg will show you how you can help your child choose their new glasses. Here’s what Greg has to say:

These days there are a large range of children’s frames available, unlike years gone past. Even just 10 years ago, there was a stigma that spectacles on children were an undesirable accessory that got them unwanted attention in class. That’s not the case for us! In fact, the children we see generally love wearing their new glasses, as if they got a new pair of shoes.


First and foremost, remember that it is your child that will be wearing the glasses. Always make sure that your child has a say in the colour and the style. Now this might not sound that important, but if they don’t like them, they are less likely to wear them! Children will either look up to a role model, i.e., mum or dad, if they wear spectacles or someone from a TV show they watch. Children love colour, so keep that in mind when they choose their new frames.


The staff member you generally speak to when you are looking at spectacles with your child is a professional, either an optical dispenser or optical assistant. They will give you the best advice and outline the benefits of different types of material in frame construction, colour, fit and most of all, comfort.


Children can be very hard on their glasses, not realising that they are delicate and need to be treated with care. At Eyecare Kids and Eyecare Plus Optometrists, we carry frames that flex, rather than stay rigid, which are designed with children in mind for greater longevity.


Now in terms of pricing. We have children’s glasses starting from $139 for one pair complete with single vision lenses, cases and cleaning cloths, or 2 pairs for $199. Some parents ask why their children need 2 pairs, and the simple answer we tell them is, ‘When do your children use their eyes the most?’ Generally the answer is at school and at home. Now that makes two locations, and what if they have forgotten their glasses at one of those places?


children's glasses


A lens, in simple terms, is the piece of plastic inside the spectacle. It is by far the most important part of the glasses and has been custom made to suit your child’s eyes. There are lenses which reduced thicknesses (“high index”), lenses with coatings to protect against UV, blue light protection from computers, transition lenses, which go dark in the sun, and multifocal lenses, which enable your child to see the board and read at the same time.


All our eye tests are bulk billed on site, and we always keep our staff as up to date as possible with the latest technology so we can pass them on to the patients.