Multifocal Contact Lenses: See Near, See Far, See Everything!

Have you tried to read the paper and realised your arms are not long enough? More than one billion people worldwide have a vision condition called presbyopia, a natural part of ageing for everyone. It occurs when the natural lens within the eye becomes less flexible and loses its ability…
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Are Daily Contact Lenses More Expensive?

If you are reading this post, you either wear contact lenses or have thought about wearing contact lenses. So the most common question we get asked besides “am I suitable?” or “will I get infections?” is, “are daily contact lenses more expensive”. The simple answer is no they aren’t, especially…
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Who Is An Optical Dispenser?

You have heard of an optometrist, but how many people actually know or heard of an optical dispenser? So what is an optical dispenser and why is it important to have them in a practice? As Greg Sexty, practice manger from Eyecare Plus Kareela, explains, ‘The primary job of an optical…
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online spectacles

Online Spectacle Purchases, Yes Or No?

In the last few years, there has been a sea of online spectacle shops popping up. At times we get asked : “Why don’t you offer something online for your practices?” Well, it’s the same as when you purchase clothes online.  We have all heard stories of people buying clothes…
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Can Scratches On Lenses Be Polished Out?

One of the most common questions we hear as an eye care expert is “Can these scratches on my lenses be polished out?”.  If you wear spectacles yourself, the thought may have even crossed your mind! Over the years, here are some of the accidental scratches that we have come…
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Are All Spectacle Frames The Same?

As an optical dispenser, our job is to help patients with the right optical choice and spectacle frame choice. The most common question we get asked is: “Why is this frame more expensive compared to the other?” It’s a valid question! At Eyecare Plus Optometrists we choose frames that have…
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Single Vision, Bifocal or Multifocal Lenses: What Do These Really Mean?

You’ve just had an eye exam, and your optometrist recommended you a specific type of lens. They use technical jargon like ‘single vision’, ‘bifocal’ and ‘multifocal’ lenses. Let’s discuss each type. Single Vision Lens Single vision lenses are lenses which have a single power over the whole lens. They are for…
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I Have Diabetes, Do I Really Need To Get My Eyes Tested?

Do you really need to get your eyes tested if you have diabetes? That’s the question you’re asking yourself. Now you might be someone who’s recently been diagnosed as diabetic, and your GP or Endocrinologist has recommended that you get your eyes tested, or you’ve been diabetic for a while…
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reading glasses

Will Wearing Reading Glasses Make My Eyes Worse?

As an optometrist, the most common question I get asked is “Will wearing reading glasses make my eyes worse?” The answer I give to my patients isn’t just ” No, they don’t make your eyes worse.” There is a reason behind this. Now most of you who are reading this…
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